Friday, July 12, 2013

EcoEnclose :: An overdue intro & behind the scenes look!

Several years ago--when the concept of having an EcoEnclose blog was first conceived--I was entirely stumped on how to begin. I had my:

  • blog account set-up
  • my template in place
  • and my fancy-schmancy logo uploaded

But as I sat at my keyboard, fingers stretched and in position to commence -- physically primed to create my first post! -- out came nada, nil, ziltch, nyet, nein, non, zero:  the fingers didn't move; an acute case of Paralysis Bloggospherium!  So I did what any stage befrightened first-time blogger would do in my shoes, er, flip-flops:  I Googled "HOW TO MAKE A FIRST BLOG ENTRY". 

The article I read made it perfectly clear that, Gulp!, the first blog post may be the most important.
"It should accurately portray the intended tone and meticulously illustrate the blog's 'voice'."

And that this intentional inflection be carried on for all future posts. Duh-duh-duhn! "What!?! I'm doomed! What if everyone thinks my initial insight is inspirational-less, insipid, and insignificant? I can't perform under these conditions!"  Blogging performance anxiety ensued, followed by consumption of multiple caffeinated beverages.  Now my fingers were so jittery, as well as my mind, that when I started to type and all I could spell was 'EcoEnclose,' which took a full 5 minutes.  Ut-oh.  Next search "How to overcome writer's block."  Well, tomorrow is another day. 
So I placed the All-Important And Omnipotent First Blog on the back burner...gotta run a company, spend time with my wonderful kids, eat, sleep, contemplate subconsciously what to write, um...YIKES!  My outlook reminder in red indicated 144 weeks overdue. And so today I will write.

Voila!  The very first EcoEnclose blog post! Mostly about, well, how I procrastinated. But I did it! Just in time, too -- we just got done filming and editing our very first video production! -- which with all luck will not just entertain you, but provide a plethora of information about EcoEnclose, our eco-obsessions, and likewise give you a sneak peek at our top secret eco-operations. Kick back, relax, make yourself a bowl of organic, non-GMO, locally-grown, sustainably-packaged popcorn, and most of all, ENJOY! 

Thank you for reading (our first post!) & watching (our first video!).  
Be sure to visit us today at

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  1. Amazing... a work of genius, Erin! One strength that you have is to just be yourself and nothing less. We love you for it!