Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Get on Top of Your Eco Shipping Game

To all you heroic, mission minded small businesses…building and growing a small business is HARD WORK! Doing it while staying true to what you believe in – whether that is quality, sustainability, equity, health or just having a good time – is almost superhuman. We toast your incredible efforts at minimizing your environmental footprint, and we want to help however we can. Here are 5 simple questions to ask yourself about your sustainable shipping efforts. The right answers could mean a big difference for Mother Earth, and put some bills back into your company's bottom line

1. Do your customers know how committed you are?

Did you know that customers are willing to pay up to 10% more for products delivered sustainably? 76% are even willing to wait an extra day for climate friendly transport. Let your efforts be known! Communicate to your customers that you're going the extra mile  in everything you do. An easy win: check out our complimentary “We Care” cards that you can toss into your customers’ packages to showcase your efforts. Or consider custom print on your boxes, bags or poly mailers with designs that highlight your earth-friendly strategies. 

2. Do you need all of that packaging?
Ever had that frustrating experience of receiving a package, only to open it and find another box, containing a bag that actually has what you ordered? A free Russian Doll with your purchase! Take a close look at everything you ship and see what you can eliminate. We can help you custom print packaging, showcasing your brand on the box or poly mailer your product is delivered in - wowing customers at first sight, and eliminating packaging.

3. Is your box or bag just the right size?
The unthinkable has happened…baggy jeans are making a comeback. The horror! But that doesn’t mean your packaging has to sag. Select a perfectly fitting custom cut box for your products, giving you just the amount of material you need - no more, no less. These boxes also minimize your dimensional weight, so your packages are shipped to customers at the best rate possible. And, if you're normally a box kind of lad or gal, check out our stylish poly mailers to see when they might get the job done. Less weight and less air means "hallelujah" to nature and your shipping bill.

4. How eco-friendly is your void fill?
We know a lot of products are fragile, irregular, or just plain fancy and need some protection or presentation love. We don’t deny that bubble wrap is historically the most fun player in the world of shipping products…buts now that we’re adults (sort of), it is hard to get over the fact that bubble wrap is just landfill bound plastic. And don’t even get us started on those foam peanuts! Our earth friendly GreenWrap, corrugated bubble, and packaging paper are cost effective alternatives your kids can still have a blast with.

5. Have you considered each piece of your packaging?
The bags, boxes and void fill are obvious. But don't forget the little things – tape, shipping labels, liners – they add up! For the sticky things in life, consider natural and biodegradable cello or kraft tape instead of traditional plastic . To protect from duffs and scuffs, check out our 100% recycled liner bags instead of the standard and vague "this bag may potentially be made with around 1%-30% recycled plastic." If you have other product ideas, let us know. We are treasure hunters on a mission to bring you the most sustainable option in every shipping category out there!

When in doubt, we’re always here to help! 
Our mission is to make shipping as earth friendly as possible for all you impressive, passionate businesses out there. Check out all that we offer and if you like what you see, order a free sample and test it out. Contact us any time if you aren’t sure what solution will work best for you...or if you find yourself just needing some love one afternoon!

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